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Pack 149 Uniform Trade-In

We offer our buyback program where we can buy your old and good condition clothing or uniform accessories and then offer this to anyone who needs the uniform parts.

We believe that this will really benefit your families as well as the Pack. Below are the details.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Twice a year we will have a uniform Trade-In event. These will be at Blue and Gold and Back to Pack.
You will have the opportunity to turn in old uniforms in exchange for credit to your scout account. If your scout is leaving scouting we will make a note and a check can be mailed to you. This is to avoid issues with needing cash and change.

You will be able to buy the uniforms as needed/as available throughout the year. You may purchase with cash (exact change please) or scout account funds.

Below is a comparison on what we will pay for your uniforms vs sell them for vs cost new from scout shop.
The funds raised will help the pack cover advancements, activities, equipment, etc.

BuyBack Rates

This is the amount our Pack pay’s you. You can receive payment through the Scout Account or if you are quitting we can send you a check.

Lion shirts   –   $3

Scout shirts   –   $5

Scout pants/skirts   –   $5

Hats   –   $3

Belts   –   $2

Neckerchiefs   –   $2

Slides   –   $1

For Sale

Please contact us for more details on our current inventory or ask us at the monthly pack meeting.

Lion shirts   –   $5 $10 new – $5 savings!

Scout shirts   –   $7  $25+ new – $18 savings!

Scout pants/skirts   –   $7 $25+ new – $18  savings!

Hats   –   $5 $15 new – $10 savings!

Belts   –   $4 $10 new – $6 savings!

Neckerchiefs   –   $4 $10 new – $6 savings!

Slides   –   $2 $6 new – $4 savings!