Pack Dues & Scout Accounts

What is a Scout Account?

(This is important!) 

Your child will have a scout account as soon as they join scouting. What is this? It’s their own bank account that can be used for all things scouting. Yes that’s correct! You can pay your scout dues, pay for trips, uniforms, etc.

Does the Scout Account carry over into BSA Scouts?

Yes it does! Once in BSA Scouts there will be many, many opportunities for bigger trips like going to the Bahamas and monthly camping which can add up over time. So anything earned in the Cub Scouts will certainly carry over! Troop 149 and Pack 149 work together in many aspects and this is indeed one of them!

How do I get money in my Scout Account?

Every year we do only a couple of fundraisers, BUT WAIT! Pack 149 was the TOP fundraiser of the district for 2018. Wow! That’s correct, our pack provides you the opportunity to avoid door to door popcorn sales. We set up and provide “Show & Sells” where your scout can signup for only a couple hours and get paid a portion of the revenue generated. This portion is 30% of the popcorn sold divided by the participating scouts selling with them. The average scout made $100/hr which adds $30/hr to their scout account! We do also sell camp cards but we try to limit the fundraising and just do really good at one fundraising event a year.

What are Pack 149 Scout Dues?

Your scout dues are a yearly fee that helps us provide you the fun activities and benefits available with Pack 149. A few examples of where this money goes is Advancements, Camping trip Food, T-Shirt, Pinewood Derby Cars, Pinewood Derby Trophies, Blue & Gold Ceremony, Special Guests, and most importantly the insurance that BSA provides to each scout and their parent for any scouting activities.

Dues for 2023-2024 are $185.

Pack dues pay for:

Pack Shirts

Adult Membership Dues

advancement badges/belt loops

Pinewood derby cars

Blue & Gold ceremony

Special guests


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and more!

Are there any other costs?

Your scout will have the opportunity to go on additional camping trips such as our Winter Trip. The winter Trip and any district events are not included in your dues. These prices vary but are typically available far in advance.

The only other costs are to go with the uniform. The full uniform can cost up to $100 but be sure to check in with our Pack Store and you can find uniforms available for far cheaper. Be sure to check with us to see what is available!


Scholarships are available for families under financial hardships, contact us for more details.  However, it is strongly encouraged to take part in the fundraisers available to pay for scouting expenses.  

Pack dues DO NOT pay for:

Winter Trip

Summertime Events


District events

Council events

Camping gear

Scout Account’s can pay all this!

Scout Account Guidelines

  • Commission or profit from popcorn and camp cards will be accessible to the individual scout that sold them
  • Can be used to pay for BSA/Pack dues, winter trip registration, District/Council event registration, uniforms, and/or camping gear
  • Expenses for District/Council event registration, uniforms, and camping gear are reimbursable once a receipt is given to the treasurer
  • Money is only available once all popcorn or camp card money is turned into and deposited by the treasurer
  • Money can only be transferred between siblings and other scouting units with individual scouting accounts

Scout Account Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines for maintenance of Cub Scout Accounts for Pack 149. The Cub Scout Account is defined as the individual account for each boy in the Pack, funds from which are used to defray scouting expenses for the individual boy; within the guidelines of this policy the scout and his parents shall direct the activities in his own Scout Account. This policy shall set forth the rules and framework related to account funding, disbursement, and account termination.  Cub Scout Accounts, the Scholarship Fund, and Pack 149’s General Fund are bookkeeping accounts and not separate bank accounts.
I. Establishing the account
  • The Cub Scout Account is established when a boy makes a commission from either Popcorn or Camp Card sales. Each boy shall have his own Scout Account. The Pack Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records related to Scout Accounts. Monies in Scout Accounts shall be reported as liabilities of the Pack.
II. Account Funding
  • The account may be funded in several ways. The most common are: proceeds from fundraising, deposits by Scout, a rollover from another unit.  It is the intent of the Pack that the first method is preferred, and would then be the most common method of adding funds to the Cub Scout Account.  
  • Funds available from the commission of popcorn or camp cards sales are only available once all popcorn or camp cards money is submitted to the treasurer and deposited into the account.
  • Scouts that join the Pack may come from another scouting unit with Scout Accounts. The scout may bring funds from these accounts as provided by the policies of the previous unit. Such funds shall be deposited and credited to the Scout upon completion of his registration/transfer documents to join the Pack.
  • A scout or his parents may make direct deposits to the scout account. They should do so only in complete acceptance of this policy, with particular regard to the sections on Disbursement, and with particular regard to the sections on Disbursement and Termination.
III. Account Disbursement
  • Funds from the Cub Scout Account may only be disbursed for the purpose of defraying scouting expenses.  These include: Pack/BSA dues, winter trip registration, District/Council event registration, uniforms, and/or camping supplies.  
  • As the Treasurer pays these expenses on behalf of the scout, the funds are deducted from the account balance.  
  • District/Council event registration, uniforms, and camping supply expenses are only reimbursable upon proof of receipt.
  • The Treasurer shall have authority to make a charge against the Scout Account for Pack/BSA Dues.  The Treasurer is not required to inform the Scout that such charge has been made.
  • A complete accounting of Scout Account activity will be made upon request.
IV. Account Termination
  • When a scout leaves the Pack, and does not join another Scout Unit, or if the Scout becomes inactive and is dropped from the Pack Charter the Scout Account is held until the next October 31st. This is the period at which you would either enroll again or have enrolled.  Any funds in the Scouts Account will revert to the Pack 149 main account.
  • In the event that the scout joins another unit that provides for Cub/Scout Accounts, any funds remaining in the account will be transferred to the new unit. This must be done during the next enrollment year prior to October 31st. They will be transferred via a check payable to the new unit, noting the name of the Scout for whom the check is processed.