General Camping Rules


The following guidelines for Pack Campouts apply for all Den and Pack camping activities. These guidelines follow best practices as established by the Boy Scouts of America, and take into consideration Youth Protection Training. Any Scout or parent not following the rules of behavior or etiquette may be asked to leave.

A parent or legal guardians must accompany Scouts on campouts.

Two-deep leadership must be present at all times and at least two adults on pack or Webelos/AOL overnighters must have completed Basic Outdoor Leader Training.

All Scouts and siblings must use the Buddy System. No Scout or sibling can leave the campsite area without telling his parent(s) and/or a designated “Camp Parent/guardian” where they are going.

No running in the campsite. This is a hazard from tripping over tent lines and falling in holes. Campfires, stoves, and other equipment make this a necessity.

Only close-toed shoes may be worn (no sandals, flip-flops, etc) at camp.

Scouts are not permitted to be in other peoples tents at any time, even if invited.

Quiet hours are between 9:00pm and 8:00am. Please be considerate of others and minimize activity.

Lights Out Hours are between 10:00pm and 7:00am. All scouts are to be in their tents.

All electronics are to be left at home or in vehicles. Parents and leaders may have cell phones and/or walkie-talkies for emergencies/communication. Please limit cell phone use. Cameras are allowed, but only if they are simply cameras.

No food in tents, as it attracts animals. Please store food in coolers in your car or in the pack trailer.

No smoking (including vaping), alcohol, drugs, firearms, illicit materials, and pets allowed at Cub Scout activities.

POCKET KNIVES may only be carried by adults and Scouts that have earned their whittling chip. (Bears and Webelos). Adhere to the BSA pocket knife policy.

Scouts are not to have matches or light campfires; campfires must be supervised by an adult, and extinguished at Lights Out. Only adults or den chiefs may add wood to the campfire. Anything that goes into the fire stays in the fire. A fire bucket must be present and campfires cannot be left unattended.

Bring a labeled cup or mug and mess kit to all overnight functions.

Our Pack will adhere to the Leave No Trace policy of the BSA.

Each family must inspect and clean their campsite on arrival and prior to leaving the campout. Return everything in the campsite to its original place. Notify Cub Master or camp leader prior to leaving camp.

Inclement Weather
We always check the weather prior to each campout. We’ll camp if there is light precipitation or intermittent rain, but won’t (knowingly) camp in extreme weather. If bad weather is forecasted, we will either move campers inside or possibly postpone or cancel the event. Safe facilities exist in the event of severe storms.

Duty Roster
Pack and family camping is a group activity, including meals. For a group this size we need help and support to make this go smoothly. Individuals or dens may be assigned to prepare meals or cleanup after meals. Please ask what you can do to help.

Unless otherwise noted, all meals are group meals. We will discuss particular meal options in advance planning sessions before camping. Please keep the campsite clean of any leftover food and properly store any remaining food or garbage either in your car or in the pack trailer.

Click Here for a printable copy of these rules.