Lion Uniform

The Lion Uniform

Kindergarten-aged youth start their Cub Scouting in a simple blue T-shirt with Lion logo and optional cap. Even though their uniform is not as formal as older scouts, it is an important part of the Scouting program, especially for the young ones just starting their boy scout trail. It identifies the scouts and adults as being members of the Lion den, the pack, and the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts enjoy wearing their Lion uniform. They should wear it to den meetings, pack meetings, and special pack activities.
Adults can wear a Lion polo shirt, or follow their Pack’s regular adult uniforming guidelines.
No patches go to the Lion T-shirt. If your Pack gives out patches for activities, they are called ‘temporary’ patches. These patches can be displayed on a red Cub Scout vest, wall display, or kept in a shoebox.
Where to Purchase Items
Before most pack meetings we normally make a trip to the Scout Shop. You are also welcome to order any needed items online or however you like – ScoutStuff.Org


Wearing the Uniform

In general, every Cub Scout should wear his uniform to all Cub Scouting activities, including den and pack meetings, unit outings, and any activities done with members of the den or pack. 

When playing sports, going to camp, or participating in other physical activities, a pack may opt to have the Cub Scouts wear an alternate uniform, such as an activity shirt. These are sometimes referred to as Class B Uniforms.  

Pack leaders should provide advance notice of any occasion when the boys should wear anything other than the complete uniform.

Here are some tips for wearing the uniform:

  • DO keep the uniform clean and in good repair. The official uniform is a sturdy, machine-washable garment that will last for years with proper care.
  • DO be sure to wear the complete uniform. A Cub Scout wearing a uniform with parts missing is not in uniform.
  • DO NOT wear non-BSA badges, awards, or insignia on the Cub Scout uniform or make any alterations to the uniform or insignia.
  • DO NOT mix uniform parts with non-uniform clothing, such as wearing a uniform cap with other clothing or wearing the uniform shirt with blue jeans. The uniform should be treated as a unit—worn in its entirety, or not at all.

Any time you are uncertain about uniform regulations, ask the den leader for guidance.